The Birth of The Phoenix by Rance Boyett Photography

Rance Boyett Photography:

Bio: I grew up with a passion for creating art. When I was in school I always had a pencil in my hand or close by and was constantly drawing and creating something. After graduating I was going to try to become a graphic artist but didn’t have the money to attend the trade school I was trying to attend. I ended up joining the Air Force and shortly after was married and had a child. I lefy my creative talents behind to concentrate on a career and family. After my second failed marriage I decided to find something to keep me busy. I picked up my first DSLR and started shooting everything ( street photography, bugs, flowers, scenery, anything and everything ). After a couple of trips to Vietnam and India shooting ethnic groups I ran into a beautiful young lady that asked me if I ahot models. I told her I would love to but didn’t know how to start. She soon became my first model (Aug 2011). After just one shoot with her I realized that was what I wanted to do. Shooting with Models was it. I stopped shooting everything else and just concentrated on that genre. Since then I have attended a few workshops and organized shoots. I have a huge passion for creating again and spend a lot of time shooting and post processing.

The Phoenix Rising Project:

I found out about the projecct just a week or two before Jenny was to do her show in Seoul. I contacted Jenny and told her I was toched by her story and wished I would of heard about it earlier so I could have done something for it as well. Jenny arranged to be available the day before her show and we had a quick shoot. I wanted to portray the Birth of the Phoenix; confident, beautiful and full of hope.

I am sure Jenny’s adventure will still be a bit of a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, that’s just life. I am also confident that she has the strength to do whatever she wants.

Thanks Jenny for giving me the opportunity to meet you and add to your project. I hope nothing but the best for you.


Although the final image was not shoot in time to make it to the live exhibit, I am thrilled to have it here as part of the online exhibition. It was a joy to work with Rance and to hear his own Phoenix story. I knew I wanted him involved and Christopher (of Da Vinci Studios) was gracious enough to lend us his space to work in. Working on ideas of rebirth, peace, freedom and calm, our shoot was beautiful end to the project.


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