Consumed by Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse of Scorpio Body Painting


Consumed by Scorpio Body Painting



Corey Lajeunesse, owner of Scorpio Body Painting is a photographer and artist who now makes his home here in Seoul.

This piece is one that we have talked about doing since the inception of the project, but were not able to complete until the final week before the show. The idea has been in the making for months, but with time for preparation, and finalization of the concept, it got put off until the very end. The result, however, has turned out to be unique and very satisfying.

The idea was to capture the consumption by flames and/or rebirth of the Phoenix. This would, of course, require flames. Since body painting has been Corey’s discipline of focus for the past few years, it seemed only natural that we incorporate the flames both as part of the backdrop, and on the body itself.

I am honoured to have been included in Jenny’s project, and am excited to see all the amazing work that has been poured into the project by a multitude of artists of different backgrounds, in addition to the story of the journey being conveyed through the work.

More of my work can be viewed at


Corey has been one of the most important pillars of this project – he both started and ended it. The first time I met Corey it was to be painted. I was coming of the back end of my breakdown and knew I needed to find a way to love my body again. I had decided that I needed to see my body as something other than an object to be used or abused, and instead to view it as art. To become a canvas. Corey was friendly, funny and professional. I felt instantly at ease and over the space of 3 hours grew to absolutely adore the man who was painting me. With each stroke he set me free. From this fragile, broken creature, I became a fierce leopard. It was so beautiful I didn’t want to take it off. Corey gave me such a gift on that day. He showed me how I could become something beautiful and powerful. In the depths of my depression, he through me a ladder. It would not be foolish or understated to say, he saved my life that day…

Months later, listening to Tim McGraw and watching him work. Once again being turned into something powerful, covered in flames, I felt that same ease and release I had felt in our first session. Foot cramps, tickly cold paint, bickering, laughter and a lot of love went into this incredible piece of work and I absolutely love it.

‘Making of Consumed’ by Blair Kitchener

Making of Consumed 2



I was so pleased to have Blair document the making of ‘Consumed’. Body painting takes such artistry, vision and time, that I really wanted people to be able to see the process. To see the stages as the painting developed, but also the friendship and love I have for Corey. Thank you Blair for being such an integral part of the project and allowing another artists work to shine through your own.


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